Welcome to Nocturnum 2099

The year is 2099, the dawn of the 22nd Century. Transhumanity in all its variety and creations, from sapient artificial intelligences to uplifted animals, have spread throughout the Solar System. From the mining outposts on Mercury in the Inner Well to the brave pioneers who seek their fortunes past the Jovian giants into the Deep Beyond past the Kuiper Belt. On the outside life is prosperous for most as scarcity of energy and resources become a concern of the previous centuries. In some colonies money is a relic of the past and reputation and social connections determine one’s place in life. Even death itself no longer needed to be feared, modern medical services have provided effective immortality and even if the body is destroyed a new one can be made with a mind that is the exact copy of the one lost, to allow the continued existence of one’s identity.

However, hidden from public view, dark forces move to destroy all that man has wrought in conspiracy of destruction. Ancient enemies that were prominent before man mastered fire stir to do battle with old rivals. To them, humanity are lesser with no consequence, like a man looking upon a tadpole, or perhaps ants on a battlefield. Curious to a few, but meek and insignificant compared to the true powers of the universe.

All is not lost. A few brave souls will have to endure horrific journey through the Solar System, to push their bodies and minds to the brink of insanity to discover and stop what lingers on the edges of the Solar boundary. Should they succeed humanity will survive to spread its seed throughout the stars. If they fail…the consequences are unbearable to consider.

(This campaign is in the developing stages so feel free to send me questions, comments or suggestions. Update: Recently I got a copy of 2nd Edition Eclipse Phase and really like it. So adding an alternative rule section that will describe its mechanics and character creation. The Nocturnum 2099 setting will not change )